kitchen table math, the sequel: the other Salman Khan

Monday, April 11, 2011

the other Salman Khan

Found him while searching for 'my' Salman Khan at the Wall Street Journal -----


Jean said...

I have the opposite problem--I love Bollywood movies and when I first heard of Khan academy my thought was "Salman Khan and math? That doesn't make sense..." I'm currently working my way through Khan's program, but still, every time I hear his name I think of the movie star first.

I don't even like the movie star Salman--he's kind of a jerk and he has googly eyes. And a penchant for taking off his shirt whenever possible. I'm more of an SRK girl...

Debbie Stier said...

Hi Jean -- You're working your way through the Khan Academy program? I tried doing it (albeit for 2 days) and was frustrated by a few things:
Navigation Issues
Videos and exercises don't always seem to be linked
Sometimes it went below my speed, sometimes beyond

I signed up eagerly. I was excited. But it felt like drudgery. I do like the videos for solutions oriented questions though. I go in, get my answer, and go.

In fact I didn't like the College Board Online Class, nor the Kaplan one. I felt dread every time it was time to go online and 'learn" again.

Not sure if this problem is specific to me -- or a "this is how the brain works" issue that.

Curious to hear if you're having a different experience.

Jean said...

I'm not watching many of the videos yet. I'm only up to the higher arithmetic so far, like division 3. So far I'm finding it to be a decent review--I know how to do things, but I sure can use the practice. I homeschool my kids and my daughter is doing 6th-grade math this year. I haven't had any problems explaining anything to her yet, and I don't want to start. :)

Anyway, I do find the videos to be a little annoying. They tend to be repetitive and I would often rather read than watch. BUT--I watched the video on absolute value and was truly helped. You see, no one ever explained to me what absolute value was--I could do it, but found it frustrating because I didn't know why it was. (Yes, I had terrible math instruction. Apparently everyone in the world knew that but me.) 5 seconds of the video taught me what no one ever had before. So I'm willing to forgive some things in hopes that I'll have more lightbulb moments!