kitchen table math, the sequel: practice, practice, practice

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

practice, practice, practice

C. and I just took Section 3 of Test 3 in the CollegeBoard online course.

20 questions, 25 minutes

C. missed one and skipped two; I skipped one (which C. got right!)

If we made the same score on the other 2 sections, C. would have a score of 670, and I would be at 750.

In January, C. was scoring in the upper 500s, and I was scoring in the low 600s. (Forget January; I'm pretty sure we were both bombing the test as recently as March. Must find my notes...)

Ed's goal for C. is a 2100, but I'd like him to break 700 on all 3 tests.


debbbie stier said...

I took a test today, after not taking any blue book tests in over a month -- but doing Kaplan for 24 days (books and online course) -- and I scored significantly worse than I ever have before.


I quickly took two more Blue book math tests and am now back up to where I was before I started Kaplan (about 55% right in math).

So the question is, do I continue on for 6 more days of Kaplan, like I said I was going to (i.e. give it a month) -- or cut bait now and do something else because I'm pretty sure it's hurting, not helping.

Catherine Johnson said...

I scored significantly worse than I ever have before.

Oh no!

Was this just math (or everything)?

C. and I finally entered our scores for the online course, Test 1.

C's math was at 590 & mine was at 620.

620 is obviously a strange attractor for me.

Catherine Johnson said...

C. scored 750 on reading.

A gap of this size is RIDICULOUS!

Anyway, his score was artificially suppressed by the fact that he made his 'jump' after doing the first section of that test --- he missed some huge number on it (5? 6?)

Then on the next two sections he started missing only 3.

Don't know what my problem was....though I did those sections a little while back....

Catherine Johnson said...

answer to your question: I would carry on with Kaplan for another week since that was the plan