kitchen table math, the sequel: dangling modifiers at PWN

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

dangling modifiers at PWN

brand new!

Now I have to get Mr. PWN to write some SAT geometry questions.


Catherine Johnson said...

I've now met PWN twice at Debbie's house. He's a fantastically nice guy.

However, although we've met twice, here at home I continue to refer to him as "PWN" for some reason. Which bugs C.

C.: His name isn't PWN! What's his name!?

Me: It's X.

C.: Well, can't you call him X? Stop calling him PWN!

It takes very little to annoy a 16-year old.

Debbie said...

hilarious. Tell C I expect him to Pwn the next SAT.

In fact, I believe we need t-shirts (seriously).

Catherine Johnson said...

That is a great idea!

Which reminds me: I have to order more dark chocolate.

PWN the SAT said...

Thanks for the link! I take orders...what kind of geometry questions would you like? :)

Here's all the geometry I've posted to date.

Debbie said...

Boy, those are fun. I want them in a book ;) Printing out now.....

Call me ol' skool, but I like my math on paper.

Catherine Johnson said...

Heading over there now - SAT geometry is our weakness around here.