kitchen table math, the sequel: KIPP & special ed

Friday, June 3, 2011

KIPP & special ed

Defending KIPP, again

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Anonymous said...

I believe that this isn't actually a new study, just a rewrite of an article with a new intro.

It's difficult to say that "skimming" isn't occurring based on these figures. There are certainly different levels of IEPs and special ed kids. Most of the more severely impaired (intellectually and/or behaviorally) are counseled out of applying. When they visit the school, they are told "we won't be able to provide ______ or ______" here due to our small size, staffing, etc.

There are plenty of things that are good about KIPP schools, but I don't think they've found "the solution" -- as their attrition rates in a far larger number of studies attests.