kitchen table math, the sequel: Do I Still Believe I Can Get the Perfect Score on the SAT?

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Do I Still Believe I Can Get the Perfect Score on the SAT?

Here's the short answer:


(with little "y")

I absolutely know I can do this. The ever so slight hesitation has to do with the timeframe I set for myself (i.e. in the year of 2011).

Here's what I see as my biggest hurdle:

Will I learn to "MacGyver It" before the end of the year.

I'm not talking about IQ (i.e. potential) or knowledge (i.e. hard work). I'll devote every hour left in 2011 to the "deliberate practice" that's necessary. My hesitency is about my innate ability to think fast on my feet, under pressure with time constraints before the end of the year.

I've come to believe that some people have brains that are more prone to this type of thinking than others.

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Catherine Johnson said...

Thinking under pressure -- or under distraction -- is a HUGE challenge.

I've mentioned before how that my performance on SAT math plummets when I'm hot and/or tired. The drop-off is startling.

Today I experienced an interesting variant on this. C. and I took an SAT math section in the same room with Andrew, who was watching opera on PBS. (Yes, Andrew watches opera. On PBS. Andrew is obsessed with PBS; he'll watch anything it carries.)

Anyway, Andrew was watching opera and was unpredictably making noise himself.

This turned out not to be a problem for me at all. I (probably) got every problem right, and I finished early.

But it destroyed C's performance.

C. doesn't fall apart with heat or sleep deprivation (not as much as I do, at any rate), but opera-and-Andrew did him in.

Afterwards, he said that what was bothering him was the possibility Andrew might suddenly shriek or erupt --- it wasn't the steady-state of heat or tiredness, but the anticipation that a sudden noise might happen.

Catherine Johnson said...

Speaking of Andrew, he is having a huge tantrum above me as I write.