kitchen table math, the sequel: News 5 spots teens with alcohol

Saturday, August 27, 2011

News 5 spots teens with alcohol

good lord

there's a whole crew of them, carrying boogeyboards

walking down the center of the street hollering

in a hurricane, in the dark

"Parents, if you see your children going out of the house, don't let them go out."

Earlier today, news crews filmed a mom on the beach shrieking for help because her 12-year old daughter was CAUGHT IN RIPTIDES ON HER BOOGEYBOARD. A friend of the mom's swam out to the rescue.

Meanwhile Irvington has ordered everyone off the streets.

update: C. thinks these have got to be the Fox teens.

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Bonnie said...

Five idiots in a boat on the Croton River had to be rescued yesterday. One died.