kitchen table math, the sequel: anonymous on lefties taking the SAT

Friday, November 11, 2011

anonymous on lefties taking the SAT

Good advice:
Lefties should be particularly vigilant about the chairs/desks. I've heard stories about them having to take long tests on right-handed flip-up deskettes; a true nightmare. I know the registration forms for my grad comps asked lefties to identify themselves, because almost all of the seats in the auditorium had right-hand deskettes. They brought in as many extra lefty ones as they needed. Is there a similar question on SAT registrations?
I have got to find time to write a quick post on working memory.

I believe that the "transmission mechanism" from right-hand desks for left-hand test-takers to reduced performance is working memory blowout.

And see: death by calculator. Death by calculator is a case of working memory blowout.

(The real-world term for working memory blowout problems is cognitive load theory.)


SteveH said...

"Lefties should be particularly vigilant about the chairs/desks."

It's a right-wing plot.

Catherine Johnson said...

oh my gosh - I just read this and burst out laughing

Liz Ditz said...

I am a lefty, and those right-hand desks in long tests (or long classes) make my back hurt like stink.

I have also been accused of "cheating" on more than two occasions because I was facing the work of the person to the right -- who sat down AFTER I carefully selected a seat with two empty spaces to my right.