kitchen table math, the sequel: headlines you don't want to see

Sunday, November 6, 2011

headlines you don't want to see

Bridge deemed safe despite low rating
Rivertowns Enterprise Volume 36, Number 32 October 28, 2011

Ed was contemplating this front-page headline over breakfast the other morning.

He says what is means is the bridge is not safe, but they're hoping it doesn't collapse during the daytime.


Debbie Stier said...

Which bridge?

Anonymous said...

We recently had something along the lines of "Police Shoot Man Who Resembles Criminal"

-Mark Roulo

Anonymous said...

A bridge can get a low rating because of defects that are not likely to lead to failure (such as insufficient lane width, potholes, and other defects). Without more details, it is impossible to tell whether the headline was misleading or simply correct.

Catherine Johnson said...

Debbie: Tappan Zee

gasstation: IRONY!

momof4 said...

The City Journal had a recent article titled "The Tappan Zee is Falling Down" or something like that. Among the issues were the foundations and the unsuitability of the ground in which they were built. Apparently, the whole thing was a rush job. I don't go over the Tappan Zee often, but does anyone know the next bridge northward, and its surrounding roadways?

Debbie Stier said...

I've avoid that bridge like the plague anyway -- without even knowing about it's low rating! I've alwasy thought it has bad vibes.

I believe it's the 2nd most popular bridge in the country to kill yourself from (Golden Gate is #1?).

lgm said...

momof4, the next bridge to the north is the Bear Mountain Bridge, built by Harriman. You get there from 9D on the east, Palisades Parkway, 9W or Rt 6 on the west. 9D is hairy to the south going down the mountain but very scenic... black ice possibilities on the curves & tractor trailers are always on there when I have the occasion to go that way.Toll is less than TZ.