kitchen table math, the sequel: Clear as mud

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Clear as mud

I was just reading one of my favorite "market monetarists," (pdf file) Jose Marcus Nunes, who writes Historinhas. Apparently, the Fed is at last making its move to increase transparency.

The results - charts (pdf file) illustrating such arcana as the appropriate timing of policy firming and the appropriate pacing of policy firming - brought to mind my all-time favorite edu-chart: the strands.


Catherine Johnson said...

I've mentioned before the fact that Ben Bernanke served on a school board. In my experience, school boards pretty commonly believe that problems can be solved via increased communications and transparency.

The administration thinks parents need to be 'educated'; the school board thinks parents need to be communicated with.

A few years ago, Ed and I met with a school board member who told us he thought what the district needed was a more serious public relations effort.

Barry Garelick said...


Nishtha said...

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