kitchen table math, the sequel: how to free up time for action research

Friday, January 20, 2012

how to free up time for action research

more from authenticeducation:
Action research requires that each individual or team have at least 4 half-days of non-contact time spread across a year, over and above in-service training days like the one we just had together....

Some ideas for creatively freeing up time are provided below:

1. Half the faculty covers for the other half once per month on pre-assigned days; classes double up and/or teachers of “specials” plan large-group activities to free up half the staff.

2. One hour per month of action research/design time, is set aside from currently scheduled faculty/department/team meetings and in-service days.

3. Late start/early release once per month to permit 2 hours of work in teams.

4. Each design team gets 2 hours per week, covered by other teams, administrators & subs.

5. 4 days in the summer becomes part of the contract, to be scheduled by each design group.

6. 2 hours of non-contact time are added to each Monday, traded for 3 days added to end of year.

7. Hire 1 permanent sub per Department/Grade Level for the needed period of time.

8. Reorganize the School Year next year - 1/2 day twice per month should be scheduled with no students; add 5 minutes to other instructional days for the minutes lost.

9. Teachers meet for an extended lunch and resource period or assembly schedule.

10. Providers of special group learning (Project Adventure, National Endowment for the Humanities, etc.) give assemblies to release teachers of one or more grade levels for 3 half-days per year.

11. Hire roving subs for a day to release teams for 90 minutes each.

source: "Now what?" Possible next steps after the workshop
Out with teach, test, and hope for the best.

In with hire a roving sub, shadow a student throughout his day, and keep the momentum going (Word doc).

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Catherine Johnson said...

btw, "teach, test, and hope for the best" appears to be Grant Wiggins' line.