kitchen table math, the sequel: must-see TV: Common Core edition

Saturday, January 14, 2012

must-see TV: Common Core edition

woo hoo!

old wine, new bottle


Barry Garelick said...

At YouTube, there's more information. The teachers are the STEM team of Charlotte Mecklenburg School District in Charlotte, North Carolina. The lyrics were written by Dr. Cindy Moss who I believe is the teacher at the leftmost part of the screen. Dr Moss is the director of Science and Math in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools
Charlotte, NC, and is responsible for the science and math curriculum, as well as assessments and professional development. According to the bio page here.

Dr. Cindy Moss is currently "performing consulting work with the Ministry of Education in Thailand to teach their high school math and science teachers how to use engaging inquiry within their classrooms. She and her team plan to work with 100 college education professors."

Amy P said...

The funny thing is, the lyrics say that Common Core standards change how they teach, but the stuff they are singing about has been de rigeur for decades now. Weird.

Jean said...

Yeah, I don't quite get it. I thought Common Core was supposed to be about consistent academic standards. This 'rap seems to be more of the exact same thing.