kitchen table math, the sequel: College Costs and Aid

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

College Costs and Aid

There was an interesting article this week in the San Jose Mercury News, comparing the real costs at public California universities to those at private schools. I thought it was interesting to see that the kinds of issues we've been talking about for a while are just starting to make it into the mainstream.

Particularly relevant:
"At UC, "we hear from students who say, 'I was accepted at Cal, but such-and-such private university offered this aid. Can Cal match that?' said Anne DeLuca, UC Berkeley's acting admissions director."


Catherine Johnson said...

oh, that's interesting

I've never heard of a public institution being asked to match something ----

Jean said...

And do they? That's what I want to know!

My husband and I both went to Cal, and I was a third-gen student. We're planning on encouraging our kids towards BYU, which is now a screaming deal in comparison to anything in this state. We don't even make 80K, much less the numbers being thrown around in that article as middle-class.

ChemProf said...

The article implied that they didn't, but you are right, it isn't clear.

By the way, UC Berkeley has an aid estimator (not including merit aid) on their website

Crimson Wife said...

Berkeley is in a better position to increase financial aid packages than the other UC's because they have a stronger alumni donor base. Still can't compete with the most elite private universities, however.