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Monday, April 30, 2012

Susan S on Facebook

One problem I had was with my special ed son. He is very "young" even though he's grown. He mostly likes coupons and anime, and kid stuff, so I never worried about him and rarely checked.

Well, I noticed one day that he had a couple of men that he barely knew that were his new "friends". They were friends of friends of friends, or so the story goes. He really didn't know them. Well, they were engaging him (trying to set up a meet) that was disturbing to me. He was uncomfortable, too, so he did unfriend them and refused to answer. But I was surprised that he had allowed them in.

If a photo gets tagged, you can get it untagged, but if it has gone out to a bunch of people, I don't think you can get it back. So, someone can have a picture of you that you have no control over, and then tag it and send it to many.

Another time, and I think this was Yahoo and not FB, I was alerted that a friend of mine had commented at some blog. It even showed me her comment. I asked her if she knew about it and she said no. We both had to change our privacy settings (and the rest of our family's) to stop it. Again, I think that was Yahoo.

Someone out there probably knows more than me, but those were just a few of my experiences.


Anonymous said...

Here's something that happened today already. Earlier I linked to some dumb article about animals or something. I just got a FB message from an old friend who was informed that I went to that article and so she commented on it, too, directly to my FB page.

I had no idea that Yahoo and FB were now giving info about where I go on the internet to all my friends.

I just went to my ever-changing FB privacy settings and got that little feature turned off.


BK said...

Well, it seems that my last reply has been removed. It was a mistake caused by blogspot and not intentional censorship, I hope?

Anonymous said...

"Whether you’re wondering if you should “friend” admission counselors on Facebook (you shouldn’t)"

Quote from the definitive guide to social media (for college seeking students) which was written by a college admissions officer for high school students who are starting their college search process.

I cross posted a comment on SteveH's selecting colleges post as well.