kitchen table math, the sequel: Not to belabor the point, part 2

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Not to belabor the point, part 2

Also, is there a person on the planet whom honks * who thinks "Change Password" is the tab to click to Not Change Password"?

* Damn you, Autocorrect!
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Barry Garelick said...

What does "whom honks" mean?

Catherine Johnson said...

You got me!

Catherine Johnson said...

Ask AutoCorrect!

palisadesk said...

I thought of as soon as I saw that!

Speaking of which (autocorrect, I mean), can you DISABLE the darn thing? I'm thinking of moving up to an iPhone (from a no-nonsense non-smart phone) and one thing that deters me is the autocorrect function. I'd rather have my spelling errors or typos go through as is .

Some features are best done without. One I would pay money to get rid of is "CAPS LOCK." I have never, in my several decades of using a computer, needed the caps lock function even ONCE -- but it has messed things up for me at least several times a week when I hit the key by accident (and can't disable it).
It's especially irritating when entering password log-ins, where you can't see what you've typed.

Barry Garelick said...

I'm honking that there must be a way to disable it.