kitchen table math, the sequel: Not to belabor the point

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Not to belabor the point

Not to belabor the point, but is there a person on the planet who thinks "Room Bookings" is the tab to click if they're looking for "Online Appointment Book"?

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ChemProf said...


Jen said...

Well, in one old profession I guess it could make sense?

LSquared32 said...

That's what happens when the university buys software that was originally designed to do something completely different. For instance, to report that I didn't take any sick leave last month, I have to click a button that says something like "request leave". It makes no sense at all.

Catherine Johnson said...

I'm laughing----

I hate to think of the hours I would spend NOT pressing the "Request Leave" button in order to report that I had not taken sick leave....

I will say, though, in my defense, that I only clicked on "Change Password" (the one that actually means "Don't Change Password") a couple dozen times before forcing myself to stop.

(That's a joke. It wasn't a couple dozen. But it probably wasn't just 4 or 5, either.)