kitchen table math, the sequel: Murray Gell-Mann Amnesia Effect

Friday, July 26, 2013

Murray Gell-Mann Amnesia Effect

Terri reminded me of the Murray Gell-Mann Amnesia Effect, and thank the gods! A couple of months ago I was trying to think of the name of the effect and trying to think of the effect itself. I couldn't remember either one, but I vividly recalled thinking the what's-it effect was extremely cool.

I was driving myself crazy.


palisadesk said...

Michael Crichton's whole speech, "Why Speculate?" -- in which he gives birth to the idea of the Murray Gell-Mann Effect -- is worth a read, It is now hard to find, since it's no longer on his website, but I ran it down here

concerned said...

You two are wonderful teachers! Although I had an idea, I didn't know what Terri was talking about in her comment. Thank you!

TerriW said...

Concerned, sorry I did not elaborate further in my comment -- we are at the tail end of our family's long , drawn-out move and I am still having to do most of my computer tasks on my phone. So: succinct! And no links. Heh.

concerned said...


No worries! It's definitely the reader's responsilibility to fill in their own blanks - and I welcome the "nudge" to learn something new!

Best wishes on the move! :D