kitchen table math, the sequel: Workflowy for packing

Monday, July 22, 2013

Workflowy for packing

Workflowy cuts my packing time in half, or close to. It's amazing.

With my usual travel list(s), I get into an obsessive-compulsive scanning doom loop.

I put something in my bag and cross it off my list.

Then I put something else in my bag and cross that off my list.

Unfortunately, crossed-off does not mean invisible, so every time I check my list to see what to pack next, I end up rereading the whole thing, or at least re-scanning the whole thing; plus I start to experience doubt.

Did I really pack the long cord for the iPad? Sure I crossed it off the list, but did I put it in my bag?

Better check.

(Same problem with recipes, btw.)

With Workflowy, when you cross something off the list it disappears (if you want it to).

So the list gets smaller and smaller, and there's never anything to scan other than items you have definitely not packed. There's no re-scanning, and there's (almost) no checking or re-checking. Out of sight, out of mind.

When you want to restore the list, you just Un-cross all the crossed-off items et voil√†! List restored.

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Auntie Ann said...

I just built one for test-prep with all the skills our kid needs for the math part of the ISEE.