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Monday, January 20, 2014

Debbie's book - Today Show - Spreecast !

Debbie's pub date is coming up, and things are getting exciting. She's had incredible response to the book; the blurbs are incredible. So I'm expecting good things.

The biggest news so far is that Debbie and Ethan will be on the Today Show on February 25.

And, on February 12 Debbie will be doing a "Spreecast." (Actually, it's the 2 of us; I'm the interviewer/sidekick).

You can sign up here, and I hope lots of you will---!


SteveH said...

Debbie!!! We're all waiting. Good luck.

Debbie Stier said...

Thank you Steve! You have a little cameo ;)

Catherine Johnson said...

I have to post some of Debbie's blurbs.

They're beautiful!

Debbie Stier said...

I am in the mist of posting blurbs about Catherine right now!