kitchen table math, the sequel: issues, I've got issues

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

issues, I've got issues

Hi everyone -

I just got back from Evanston (no time to see friends - non-stop, whirlwind, get Mom set up in nursing home action!) - we have 30 members!

That's fantastic!

Question: Susan and Lynn both report having trouble with their Google accounts -

Here's Susan: My Google thingy doesn't remember my password. When I do a new one with the same user name and password I'm fine, but the minute I go away and come back I have trouble.

And here's Lynn: Despite having created a google account, Blogger won't recognize me as a member of KTM, the sequel and allow me to post. Do you know what is wrong?

Is anyone else having problems? (I just had a problem signing in; I had to use the Blogger Dashboard to do so. I'm not sure anyone else can access the Dashboard, though.)

Let me know.

Then someone else can figure them out!


LynnG said...

Welcome back, Catherine.

I've missed your voice in the cacophony over here.

Catherine Johnson said...

Hi Lynn!

I love it!

I love cacophony!

It's a good thing, too.

Catherine Johnson said...'s a good thing, because I've got plenty of it!

SusanS said...

Hey, you shoulda' called me. I have some books for you.

I will now attempt to post. I resigned up with Google for the 3rd time.

There must be something I'm missing.

Unknown said...

Try clearing your cache, and see if that solves the problem.

Catherine Johnson said...

Hi Susan - well naturally I didn't have your number with me...but beyond that this was 24/7.

Organizing your mom in a nursing home is HUGE.

Next time, though!

Catherine Johnson said...

Call me if you can't post - I sent my number.

SusanS said...

Your mom is in a nursing home? Oh my. Yes, that is just a tiny bit of stress.

When I skim a post, I really skim.


Is "clear your cache" the same thing as "disk cleanup"? I remember it from another computer era. Or is there something else I should do?

SusanS said...

Okay, I see the trashcan now that it recognizes me.

I just minimized the page into the task bar to keep from having to re-sign up again. When I close out and come back it doesn't recognize my password.

SteveH said...

Each time I post (after exiting), I have to re-sign up.

Doug Sundseth said...

A couple of things to watch out for:

With Blogger 2, you must enable cookies for various Google sites. This was not necessary under the old version, so if you've previously blocked them, you'll need to unblock them. And Blogger doesn't give any warning.

Also, you have to use your Blogger 2 username/email address and password. If you use the old one, you'll not be able to log in. The tricky bit is that if you have saved a password for Blogger 1, it may be automatically entered. To fix this, you need to clear the saved password.

As you might suspect, I had to spend a little time with the Blogger FAQ recently.

Catherine Johnson said...

When I skim a post, I really skim.

I've developed a teensy little skimming problem here in my hypomanic old age.

Catherine Johnson said...



Catherine Johnson said...

Clear your cache is different.

"Disk cleanup" means that you "defrag" your disk (if that's still the term).

I think defragging means:

a) getting rid of random bits of clutter that shouldn't be there
b) putting like with like, so pieces of files aren't scattered all over hell's creation

(pls correct!)

"Clear your cache" means you're getting rid of the list of all the pages you've loaded recently. Your computer saves these pages so it can re-load them quickly if you want to come back to them.