kitchen table math, the sequel: new blog format

Saturday, January 13, 2007

new blog format

Ok... got it up. This thread is for any suggestions.

I think that the title bar should be a little bit smaller.

Are the fonts ok?

There is a recent comments and recent posts widget that can be added to the side, is it needed?

What order for the sidebar categories?


Catherine has final say on all suggestions.

Going to work for an hour.

Hope you guys like it.



Catherine Johnson said...

I love it!

Catherine Johnson said...

I don't think the title bar needs to be smaller - I do need (probably?) to put in some "what this is about" words at some point, so if those go on the title bar, we'll need the space...)

Tex said...
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Tex said...

Wow, Rory! Nice job!

I vote for recent comments, but recent posts are not so important.

Do the sidebar colors mean anything? As in red or blue state political leanings? If so, you got me right!! lol!

Unknown said...

Font looks fine. Maybe a soft background color? The big expanse of snow-white looks a little harsh.

Catherine Johnson said...

What does everyone think about the blue?

I prefer white, but it is kind of glaring.

Instructivist said...

I'd go with white. I would also reduce the font size (especially on the right) and experiment with different styles. I am not sold on sans serif. Serif gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling. I don't mind fuzzy as long as it's not math that's fuzzy.

Also, I would like to see the comment box open to full page.

Catherine Johnson said...


I'm glad to see the white back.

No idea how many hours of his life Rory wants to put into this, but I agree that the font size on the right should be smaller.

I think I personally am going to leave the sarifs issue up to you all - we can have a tyrrany of the majority right here at ktm!

Or, alternatively, we could figure out the percentage of people who like sarifs & people who don't & do a time share.

Which reminds me, I have to tell my "who moved my cheese" story from my mom's nursing home.

NYC Educator said...

I also like it better in white.

Unknown said...

Looks great.

allen said...

Put the sidebar on the left and reduce its width and font size. It's taking up valuable real estate and while I'm sure people use the sidebar they do so only occasionally.

All in all, I'd say don't futz with it. I've seen more visually appealing blogs but there's not as much to be gained in agonizing over design issues as there is in encouraging conversation and posting thought-provoking links and good commentary.

Catherine Johnson said...

Why do sidebars go on the left?

I tend to agree that for some reason a sidebar on the left works - but it doesn't quite make sense to me.

I'm trying to remember newspaper design: is the furthest righthand column the most important?

It is, right?

Unknown said...

Please don't reduce the font size, at least not for the article text (it's okay for links). This is one of the few sites I don't have to enlarge the font just to read.

And I like black on white, but it can be a bit high contrast. I changed my background color on my blog to light grey for that reason. I may change it back, though. I like the clean look of a white background.

Instructivist said...

I'd like to ask the techies what code I need to put in the template (blogger) to make labels appear on the screen.

Help much appreciated.

allen said...

catherine johnson wrote:

Why do sidebars go on the left?

Beats me. Maybe something to do with the Coriolis force. Maybe because I'm right-handed. I just like side bars on the left.

The font reduction refers to the sidebar only. The font size of the articles is about right. Small enough that I don't get out of breath scrolling but big enough to make out easily.

In Firefox I can change the background color from the default (#FFFFFF) to dark gray (#CCCCCC) by changing browser.display.background_color in the about:config page. I'm sure IE has something similar.

Ben Calvin said...

I prefer the sidebar on the right, but I'm used to being the non-conformist.

It's not like I'm going to stop reading the blog...

Instructivist said...

Edwize puts sidebars on the left and right. That covers all bases and should everybody happy. (grin)