kitchen table math, the sequel: more on M.J. McDermott

Saturday, January 20, 2007

more on M.J. McDermott

Mrs McDermott of recent youtube frame is a parent of a child at North Beach Elementary in Seattle. According to this article, McDermott helped lead a math revolution to prevent the schools from adopting TERC or Everyday Math. It seems she is working the PTA as well.

It seems she is involved with "Where's the Math?" a "non-partisan advocacy group of parents, educators, and community members who are working to ensure that Washington State mathematics education standards, curriculum, and assessments are coherent, academically focused, rigorous and comparable to those of top performing nations in the world."

Where's the Math appears to be the originators of the
Math Education: An Inconvenient Truth video.

Another article here.


Anonymous said...

How refreshing to see a parent taking issue with the way in which Math is being taught -

concerned said...

Welcome "anonymous"! Check out NYCHOLD's website. There are parents concerned about math all across the country! :D