kitchen table math, the sequel: sidebar!

Sunday, January 14, 2007


I am now utterly confused on the sidebar-left sidebar-right issue (and I'm too chicken to find out what Jakob Nielsen has to say).

UPDATE: No I'm not.

Seems as if Jakob Nielsen has nothing to say about the left-right conundrum where sidebars are concerned.

If you guys feel like voting in the comments section, please do.


KDeRosa said...

I'm partial to it on the right. I'd also suggest upping the bumber of recent comments that are displayed in the recent comment widget. Maybe something like 10.

Tex said...

I agree on upping the number of recent comments.

(I’m so ignorant about this stuff that at first I thought “upping the bumber” was some sort of internet tech jargon. lol!)

(It isn’t, is it?)

Tex said...

Catherine --

Thank you for the KTM-1 links. That information is priceless.

Catherine Johnson said...

I was REAL glad to have a way to get the ktm-1 links in.

I don't want to re-do any of that research if I can help it.

Unknown said...

You're not going to let me live this one down, are you?

I really have no preference wrt the position of the sidebar. I don't much care as long as I can read the articles.

Jo Anne C said...

Rightwingprof -

If you want to increase the font size of text on web pages, click your cursor on the text then hold the control key down and scroll the wheel on your mouse toward your body. This will enlarge the font size.

It works great for my weary eyes.

Jo Anne C