kitchen table math, the sequel: font size

Monday, February 26, 2007

font size

Barry thinks we should make the font size smaller (I agree - it's awfully big).

What do you think?


Doug Sundseth said...

You should be able to see the text at any of several sizes; the techniques depend on the browser you are using:

For Firefox 2: Ctrl-+ makes the text larger and Ctrl-- makes the text smaller.

For Internet Explorer 6: Choose View>Text Size>{size}.

Other browsers have similar tools.

All I ask is that you don't disable my ability to override the current text size. (Though I think the current size is about right.)

TurbineGuy said...

I like smaller...

Barry Garelick said...

Let me provide some context for the importance of my comment so you don't think I'm just a kvetch. Although I have trouble reading and have multifocal lenses and enjoy large print books, I still vote for a smaller font. I like to see how long the piece is that I'm about to read. Take a look at Instructivist's site. I don't have trouble reading that size font and it's easy to get around a piece. That's the size I would recommend.

Catherine Johnson said...

I know what Barry means.

Instructivist's font size is slightly too small for my taste (not taste - eyestrain, something like that).

I like the size on ktm-2, but I don't like that fact that you can't tell what "size," or length, each post is.

As a matter of fact, I've been trying to write some super-short posts just to alleviate the ....anxiety....of logging on and finding yourself face to face with an arm-length blog post.

The problem may not be font size so much as the lack of extra white space between posts...

What do you think, Doug?

Instructivist said...

There is something to be said for using a template. The Posted by line and Labels would then appear in a different font and size, and help set off on post from the other.

I find Ken's site aesthetically pleasing.

Also, I am still pining after Recent Comments.

Tex said...

I don’t feel strongly about the font size, but I will vigorously echo Instructivist’s desire for the return of Recent Comments.

I’m sure if it was an easy fix it would have been done already, but any efforts to recover comments would be greatly appreciated.

Catherine Johnson said...

Also, I am still pining after Recent Comments.

Me, too.

I'm not sure it can be fixed even if we go back to the regular template.

(This is a regular template, btw. Rory made it better by putting the sidebar on.)

rightwingprof said other sites were having problems with recent comments, too.

Anonymous said...

Smaller would be better to me (but I agree, not too small.) I have to scroll alot, especially to find posts that are only a few days old.

I could also see the sidebar being a little smaller. It takes up nearly a third of my screen. Without "Recent Comments" it doesn't need to be competeing with the posts.

just my lil' 2 cents....

Doug Sundseth said...

I'm reading at 1600 x 1280, so the size is fine for me, but as I say, changing the size of the text is pretty easy. Just don't remove my ability to change the displayed type size with the usual browser tools.

Unknown said...

I'm old, and my eyes love the current font.

Anonymous said...

Instapundit ( has a "Stylesheet Switcher". This is cool because it only changes the fonts for the site, not every other site you visit (like the Firefox font changes suggested above do).

This is probably more work for someone, but could KTM2 use that?

-Mark Roulo

Peter A. Stinson said...

In the RSS reader it doesn't matter... ;-)