kitchen table math, the sequel: Moving to Anchorage!

Friday, March 2, 2007

Moving to Anchorage!

I just found out that I have orders to Elmendorf AFB, Alaska. Anchorage has lots of school choice, though in my research I have found that choice doesn't always mean better. I have a longish post coming up on my options... stay tuned.

But... snowboarding, skiing, mountains, I can't wait. We will be moving sometime in August.


Instructivist said...

Will you still be able to reach KMT being so close to the pole. If so, I hope the discussion doesn't get polarized.

(My compulsion for punning. Ignore.)

Good luck!

Independent George said...

Whoah, the KMT is active in Alaska? I had no idea they were so international.

Anonymous said...

I am green with envy. I've always wanted to move there. I love cold weather places and here I am stuck in Houston.

Anonymous said...

That is great, Rory.

Watch out for the polar bears.

Catherine Johnson said...


Good grief, girl!

How'd you get stuck in Houston when you want to be in Alaska??

Houston is darn hot.

My sister lived there for years; the summers were other.

I remember we could only stay outside for a few minutes; that's how hot it was. And mosquito bites swelled up like cantalopes.

Catherine Johnson said...

Congratulations, Rory!