kitchen table math, the sequel: help desk

Sunday, April 29, 2007

help desk

I re-did the ratio - dimensional analysis - function sheet -- I have now lived the truth of Wayne Wickelgren's explanation for why math is hard. (hit refresh a couple of times if the post doesn't come up)

If anyone's got time to check this version, I'd appreciate it.


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LSquared32 said...

Ratio is correct, though in return for my editing, I want to know why (subjectively of course) you decided to do 3*300=120N_G for your first simplification instead of multiplying both sides by 300 miles to go directly to the dimensional analysis numbers. It's not that I don't know why it works, I just don't know why so many people do it that way...

Dimensional analysis is good

Proportionality constant has a typo in line 2 of a: you are substituting 3 for N_G and 120 for N_M so line two should just read 3=k*120
b and c are correct.

I'm not sure how function is different from proportionality constant b, but it's certainly correct.