kitchen table math, the sequel: how to spot a red flag

Saturday, May 5, 2007

how to spot a red flag

from kathyiggy:
I learned last week at our middle school parent orientation that the middle school is getting 4 SMART boards. That was after the principal's talk which began with "the best piece of advice for new middle school parents I have is 'let the teachers do their jobs' and not to ambush them with confrontational phone calls/emails."


KathyIggy said...

Silly me--I was thinking they might talk about curriculum and academics. Instead I heard about how the principal has had to have several talks with parents who do the child's homework for them. I bet it was an art project masquarading as homework. Not one word about academics, but lots of "taking ownership" stuff. Maybe my posts will become much more frequent next year!

Anonymous said...

OT, but I thought you guys might find this Singaporean kindergarten entrance exam of interest: Entrance Exam

Anonymous said...

Nick, that is hysterical!


LynnG said...

We are getting 6 new SMART boards in the MS and 12 in the HS.

We will have a SMART board in every single classroom (except kindergarten and 1st grade). That will probably be in the following year's budget.

We even have SMART boards in empty classrooms.

3 years ago we embarked on an ambitious project to stay ahead of enrollment increases by doubling the size of two of the three elementary schools.

In the past three years, enrollment has dropped. Now we have beautiful empty classrooms.

With SMART boards.

We have 4 or 5 empty classrooms in each of the rebuilt schools.

It's a good thing enrollment dropped, because we couldn't afford to put teachers in those rooms.

Good thing they have SMART boards though. Now kids can teach themselves on those SMART boards.

Anonymous said...

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