kitchen table math, the sequel: lost and found

Sunday, April 15, 2007

lost and found

I'm cleaning up my office & found this photo. That's me on the left, with Jimmy, and my sister Ros on the right.

boo hoo

My sister in law told me she went through all her son's books, the ones she read to him when he was little. She was crying the whole time, remembering the days when she read bedtime stories.

So there she was, sorting and crying.

I'm not crying at the moment, though I'm also not getting a heck of a lot of sorting done...


Anonymous said...

Whoa, look at your hair. I had no idea that was you.

Anonymous said...


There was a great line about people living in CA: they are prematurely blond.

That was me.

As soon as I gave birth to a little blonde baby, I dyed my hair!

So did other people....

Barry Garelick said...

You mean you don't really look like Sandra Bullock?