kitchen table math, the sequel: more charters, please

Sunday, June 3, 2007

more charters, please

a note from Cassy T:

I teach 3rd grade. I sit down and grade 90% of the math homework that is turned in, including showing the correct bars and method of working out the word problems.

Our school uses Singapore Math and we ability group at 4 levels. This year, I taught the highest ability group and last week had to choose who goes on to the competitive math group for fourth grade. Homework was a big factor in selecting those students.

Lest you think we are too hard on 3rd graders, I should point out that homework counts only toward a student's "effort" grade on our report cards and classwork and testing makes up the "achievement" portion.

from concernedparent:

Okay Cassy, I'm sending my kids to your school! Singapore Math, grouping by ability and graded homework. Oh my! It's amzing that such a place actually exists.

from Steve H:

"Okay Cassy, I'm sending my kids to your school!"

We're on our way too.

There was a lot of self-correcting in my son's Everyday Math class. I think the teacher only graded the tests.

from Catherine:


from Cassy:

Before anyone starts checking with movers - I should let you know that my charter school has a wait list 60+ students long through 4th grade. We had parents lining up 5 days before registration. And yet, many parents complain when we assign ANY homework!

I'm off to Singapore next month on a math summer program with our school math coach who trains teachers across the world on using the Singapore curriculum. We're visiting elementary & secondary schools and the National Institute of Education. I'll ask those teachers how they handle homework and let you know.

from Vicky S:

We have a charter school like that in my neck of the woods, too. It's a math and science school, and in addition to the great math, the science is taught using the approach Exo described (given/equation/solution/answer).

It has a waiting list of over 120 kids for the 50 spots in the entering class (6th grade)...

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