kitchen table math, the sequel: Not very creative

Monday, June 4, 2007

Not very creative

Christopher reports that his friends have deemed his project not very creative.

Also not very colorful.

This is true.

It's not very colorful because our inkjet printer died and we haven't bought a new one. And it's not very creative because.... it's not very creative.

It is reasonably educational, however. I was actually feeling proud of the thing once I realized that if I were a person who was educated by wolves,* I would learn a great deal about the Battle of Gettysburg just from reading the thing.

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* which I am


Barry Garelick said...

The only thing worse than school projects are school plays about the pilgrims.

Catherine Johnson said...

I dissent!

Catherine Johnson said...

A school play about the pilgrims has to be better than a project.

Catherine Johnson said...

Although I will say that I'm looking forward to seeing the creative exhibits.

Catherine Johnson said...

The Museum was incredibly cute.