kitchen table math, the sequel: Upon reflection

Friday, August 10, 2007

Upon reflection

So I finished reflecting on my practice.

Conclusion: I stink at teaching percent.

That about covers it.


I have a plan.

More anon.


Haven't read email in days - (Premack says NO! So if there are folks who've sent something I haven't answered, that's why - hoping to get back to Entourage tomorrow.)

the pause that refreshes
upon reflection
Plan B


Anonymous said...

now i see the light ...

reflecting on one's practice means just to identify the areas in need of help

but not to do anything about it

that explains public school in a nut shell - huh?

just kidding CJ ...

percent ...

work with what you know (100% on a test means everything is correct. so on test with 100 problems, getting 100% correct means 100 out of 100 problems are correct) - and your kid and you will be able to impart the knowledge ... and very small modifications (how many on that test are correct answers if the score was 50%) or variations on what you know (how many correct when the score is 100% on a test with 10 problems, how many correct on that test if the score was 50%) ... then try to tackle an easy unknown ( tims test has 10 problems on it. karens test has only 50% of the number of problems on tims test. how many problems are on tims test? how many problems are on karens test?)

(ok... now that I reflect on my practice .. i too stink at percents)


Anonymous said...

LOL! I love this kind of reflecting. It's honest!

I stink at teaching probability, but I'm determined, and when I'm determined, watch out!