kitchen table math, the sequel: More info on Nat'l math/science panel

Thursday, October 11, 2007

More info on Nat'l math/science panel

Lynne G below talked about a national math and science panel. Here is further information on the hearing held on the subject:

The House Science and Technology Committee’s Research and Science Education Subcommittee held a hearing on October 3, and heard from educators and other experts on "how to guarantee students are receiving the best education possible" with respect to science and math. The press release on the hearing can be found here.

Skip Fennel's testimony at the hearing can be found here. Also, the National Science Board's draft report (A NATIONAL ACTION PLAN FOR ADDRESSING THE CRITICAL NEEDS OF THE U.S. SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING, AND MATHEMATICS EDUCATION SYSTEM) was released on October 3 and can be found and downloaded here. In it is this recommendation:

1. The National Council for STEM Education.

The Board recommends that Congress pass and the President sign into law an act chartering a new, independent, and non-Federal National Council for STEM Education (Council). The Council’s central responsibilities would be to coordinate and facilitate STEM education initiatives across the Nation, as well as to inform policymakers and the public on the state of STEM education across the United States. As part of the Council’s charter, Congress should require Federal STEM education programs to be coordinated with state and local education agencies through the Council.


LynnG said...

Thanks for the great links, Barry.

Skip Fennell's testimony includes this gem:
". . . one of the most significant challenges facing STEM fields and mathematics education is a lack of curricular coherence in the early grades."

As the current president of NCTM, the organization that called TERC "exemplary" and EM "promising" (did I get that right?), I wonder if he finds this ironic?

Barry Garelick said...

NCTM did not issue the list of programs on the "examplary" and "promising" list. It was Dept of Education. I don't know if TERC was on the list.

Not to give them short shrift, however, NCTM did other wonderful things to be sure.

LynnG said...

Thanks for correcting that Barry. That's right it was the Dept of ed that came out with the exemplary and promising lists.

NCTM gave us the Principles and Standards, right? And now they've given us focal points. Yes, it's all coming back now.