kitchen table math, the sequel: rinse, repeat

Thursday, October 11, 2007

rinse, repeat

from Doug:

1. Teach.

2. Test what you taught.

3. Remediate the things that were not taught well. (You know what these things are because you correct the test you just gave and saw what all the kids were getting wrong.)

4. Rinse.

5. Repeat.

It's a complex and difficult process (what if the teacher lost a finger sometime in the past and could no longer count to five?), but teachers are supposed to be trained professionals, neh?

The good news around here is: formative assessment is coming to Irvington.

How long have I been banging the drums about formative-assessment-in-Irvington?

Two years, now, I believe.

In the end, formative assessment coming to Irvington has nothing to do with me and my drums. I just got lucky.

Or hope to get lucky.


concernedCTparent said...

Whether it's luck or drum banging that gets it there, sounds like this could be a good thing. The best part is that other districts tend to look to affluent, high performing districts as trendsetters. Irvington may be paving the way.

I hope you are lucky too.

Catherine Johnson said...

We have, I believe, a profound cultural issue here.

Data isn't going to save us - but thanks to Steve I am now armed with the words "case study."

I will begin banging that drum today.