kitchen table math, the sequel: new talent at the Forum

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

new talent at the Forum




black and Hispanic students in a Natl School of Excellence
news from nowhere, redux
meanwhile, somewhere in a parallel universe
things my child learned about gay women in school this week
also playing in a parallel universe
email to the principal, part 2
ktm-2 readers make up a word problem for IMS
profiles in courage
new talent at the forum
my tax dollars at work
character education emergency
invitation to the dance



Karen A said...

These posts are outstanding; a must read. Humorous, but with a point.

Catherine Johnson said...

He's an amazing writer.

I've only met him a few times; he doesn't remember me at all.

Catherine Johnson said...

I seem pretty innocuous in person.

PaulaV said...

My favorite lines from the group punishment post:

"Their job is to teach, it is my job to make my child a good person,
and believe me I feel up to the task."

Very well said! Thank you for sharing these posts, Catherine.

concernedCTparent said...