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Sunday, November 11, 2007

my dream school


The Browning School is known for being small, structured, and focused. Classwork and assignments are framed around relatively short timelines, with clear, consistent, expectations. The atmosphere is one of adults in charge, teacher directed- child focused. The curriculum is a medley of constantly evolving research and material as well as traditional programs that have always been a part of the Browning experience. The faculty work together to create an interdisciplinary course load that reinforces and builds upon a sequential academic experience.

Mission Statement

Founded in 1888 as a college preparatory school for boys, The Browning School continues its commitment to the goals of John A. Browning: the pursuit of academic excellence and a lifelong love of learning, the belief in the dignity of the individual, the development of personal integrity and responsibility to the broader community.

The Browning boy develops amid these values: the Browning alumnus is a good citizen, sensitive to the needs of others, respectful of divergent yet informed opinions.

He is, in the best sense of the word, a gentleman.

The Head of the Upper School was a journalist.

The Browning School

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