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Friday, June 13, 2008

Washington DC educational success story

Who knew there was such a thing? Katie over at A Constrained Vision writes about "The Washington Math Science Public Charter Technology High School".

Mr. Boykie calls the school the “best kept secret in DC” because it has never received much publicity, despite its tremendous academic successes with a student population that is 100 percent low-income: a rigorous curriculum, including AP courses; an extraordinarily high graduation rate, with nearly all graduates receiving scholarships to attend college; and the rare achievement of adequate yearly progress. In addition to their success on standardized tests, WMST students have racked up top honors at math, science, and JROTC competitions. Giant trophies, as well as college acceptance letters, pack the display cases in the front lobby.

Read the whole thing.

Perhaps Joanne Jacobs should write about this school next?

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