kitchen table math, the sequel: desperately seeking a French-speaking, McCain-voting, hockey mom

Thursday, October 9, 2008

desperately seeking a French-speaking, McCain-voting, hockey mom

This is funny.

Ed occasionally does radio interviews with the French analogue to the BBC, and they've contacted him looking for French-speaking U.S. citizens to interview about the election.

Specifically, the category of person with whom they'd like to speak is a French-speaking American mom, preferably more middle class than the folks they're likely to encounter in Manhattan (hence the "hockey mom"), who is willing to do a radio interview about the presidential election.

I said, "Well, I know at least one person on the blog who speaks fluent Spanish, and I wouldn't be surprised if she speaks French, too."

"That's great. She doesn't have to be fluent in French."

"I'll ask her," I said. Then: "I think she's probably voting for Obama."

"She's an Obama supporter?"

"I think so."

"They need a McCain supporter."

Apparently they have tons of French-speaking U.S. moms who are voting for Obama.

I cracked up. We both did.

Anyway, I'm sure it will be a good show and a good thing to do, so if there's a French-speaking female McCain voter out there who'd like to do an interview with French radio, contact me at cijohn @ & I'll put you in touch with them.

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