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Monday, October 6, 2008


This information is from the Leading Minds' K-12 Math Education Forum in Baltimore April 28, 2008.

What's Missing from Math Standards? Focus, Rigor, and Coherence
by William H. Schmidt

The following videos can be viewed at:

"Why US Students Are Falling Behind"
Dr. William H. Schmidt of Michigan State University

"It's a New World Out There"
Dr. R. James Milgram, Professor of Math at Stanford University

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SteveH said...

Great links!

I really like Schmidt's article at AFT on focus, rigor, and coherence. He makes a great case for national math standards.

"Here's how the researcher summed up the situation: 'While truth-in-labeling practices in the food industry ensure that orange drink cannot be labeled orange juice without legal ramifications, schools have no such safeguards in place. Algebra I can be placed on any child's transcript without any guarantee about the content taught or learned' (Rutherford, 2005, as cited in Dounay, 2006)"

Schmidt points to Achieve, Inc. and this is their benchmark.

Elementary Mathematics Benchmarks

Does anyone know what Achieve's position is about grade-level mastery? It would be nice to see sample problems and what performance they expect before kids are allowed to go on to the next grade. If mastery is not enforced, then EM will morph to fit.