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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Britain's Got Talent

Susan Boyle

second place

She reminds me of Temple. (Amazon has a wonderful video of her.)


Catherine Johnson said...

You've got to listen to Temple - she's wonderful.

Terrific section on "abstractification," which applies to our schools, too. (Temple's great on the subject of school --- )

ElizabethB said...

I didn't read your comment before watching the movie--the first thing that came to my mind when Temple talked about "abstractification" was schools and schoolbooks. You can tell books written by people who have taught ACTUAL CHILDREN and books written by people who have never taught in a classroom and you wonder if they have every met an actual child or were ever a child!

But, it is a problem in other areas as well. Any large system will have that problem. The upper levels and Headquarters of the Air Force came up with some pretty dumb things when I was in the Air Force, usually written by people who had been out of the field too long.