kitchen table math, the sequel: James Fallows software recommendations

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

James Fallows software recommendations

Just saw this comment on David Allen's blog:
I have used and even written about Personal Brain. It is intriguing, but at least for my kind of work (text heavy, lots of reference material) I find that it doesn't scale very well. But it is so distinctive and interesting that it's certainly worth a look. I find MindManager better/easier for graphically-oriented organizing, and a normal outliner, including the not-quite-normal but useful BrainStorm, to work better with straight text. And, of course, Zoot to keep track of large-volume reference material.
I use Inspiration for thinking and outlining and I love Scrivener's for writing (and for keeping everything in one place).

I'm going to check out Zoot.

What I need is ONE piece of software that keeps everything in the same 'document': notes, to-dos, research, factoids, and whatever it is I'm writing.

Scrivener's comes very close.

mind mapping templates available for download


Jim said...

have you tried evernote?

Catherine Johnson said...


I'll go check it out.