kitchen table math, the sequel: Vlorbik on what authors do

Friday, May 29, 2009

Vlorbik on what authors do

"sit at the typer and open a vein"
works for me; this appears to be
an exercise for *experts*.

b-ass ackwards
what do authors do?
Four Blocks by Doug Sundseth
Vlorbik on what authors do
cranberry on the real world
Writing Block
Sifting and Sorting Through the 4-Blocks Literacy Model


r. r. vlorbik said...

not me; red smith.
i'll say something memorable
*one* of these days, though...

Catherine Johnson said...

I thought that sounded familiar!

Catherine Johnson said...

The one memorable thing I thought I made up with was: He/she is mean as spit.

But I just Googled it and I guess not.


Well, there's always 'Filet of sole is the celery of fish.'

I'm pretty sure that one's mine.

r. r. vlorbik said...

well it's a good one.

i'll try and remember to cite you
when i drop it in some random
comment thread somewhere.

i think as a kid i thought
for a short while that i'd
made up "humongous".

i've never had a flair for that kind of thing
so it's a mystery how i *could* have thought it.