kitchen table math, the sequel: accountable, part 2

Saturday, July 11, 2009

accountable, part 2



My view of education (by Mr. Rydberg, retired math teacher; adopted by Mr. Pearson.)
Since only about 3% of a child’s first 18 years of life is spent in school, I believe a child’s education is the primary responsibility of the parent(s); my role is to support and assist in that endeavor. Although I am committed to work hard, your student cannot do well without your help. You are crucial and indispensable. With these commitments in place, the success of your child will be a delight to us all. But, you are the key, without you, (checking homework and helping prepare for tests; providing a quiet place and time to study; being accountable for results; making time to discuss school work; and helping with organization), their success will be limited.

Steve H:
That pretty much covers it, and we parents are supposed to do it when tests and homework are hidden away in portfolios. We just get quarterly rubric grades that are meaningless.

And they wonder why there's an academic gap. How difficult is it to ask parents of the best students for exact details? They don't want to know the answer. They want to continue the dream that it's just about "checking" homework and providing a nice place to study. Therefore, if your child is not doing well, it's because you are not doing these simple things.

Are we are reaching a point of maximum absurdity, do you think?

math class in the 1970s (scroll down for CA Math Frameworks statement on parent responsibility)

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