kitchen table math, the sequel: it's official: afterschooling is a word

Sunday, July 5, 2009

it's official: afterschooling is a word

The first person I heard use the term afterschooling was Brenda, talking to Susan S, on September 15, 2005.

Thanks Brenda,

Even though I'm not a homeschooler (I guess I'm a supplementer) I'm a huge Story of the World fan and have them all, plus activity books. (We're in the middle of the third one.) I can't recommend them enough.

I still go back and re-read sections of The Well-Trained Mind every few months, especially now that my kids are moving into the aptly named "Pert" stage.

-- SusanS - 14 Sep 2005


You're what we call an "afterschooler", and there are a fair number of them at WTM. I think afterschooling is actually more difficult than homeschooling, in many ways. Hats off to you and the others trying to make it work.


-- KtmGuest - 15 Sep 2005

Now afterschooling has made it to listmania. So it's official (She's got a web site, too!)

How long has afterschooling been used on the Well-Trained Mind forum? Does anyone know?

Hi. I started afterschooling 30 minutes ago.


Jean said...

Forever. The term is used in the 1st edition of WTM, which was published in '99. On the message boards, there's a forum dedicated to afterschoolers.

Jean said...

And I agree that afterschooling is probably harder in a lot of ways than homeschooling.

MiaZagora said...

It seems that I have heard the term used in other places besides the WTM site for at least three or four years. I know of afterschoolers that get together and do Saxon or Singapore math with their kids because they go to schools that use "fuzzy" math.

Robin Schwartz said...

Afterschooling -- what a great word to describe the supplementation of schooled students!!

Disclosure: Sometimes the extra work is "beforeschooling" as we do 15 minutes (of the daily one hour of extra Reading and Math) before the school bus comes ;)

Catherine Johnson said...

Oh, yeah

I've done my share of beforeschooling!

I saw a beforeschooling post at WTM, but didn't read.

Anonymous said...

Oooh! I'm famous! LOL.

--BrendaM (aka SillyOldMom)

Anonymous said...

My god, we've been chatting since 2005??