kitchen table math, the sequel: what is synthetic phonics?

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

what is synthetic phonics?

What is Synthetic Phonics?

• Starts before children are introduced to reading scheme books, before any sight word recognition is established

• Teaches letter sounds very rapidly, explicitly showing children how to sound and blend letters in all positions of words right from the start

• Words are not pronounced for children prior to them

• Sounding and blending is taught in the first few weeks of formal sounding and blending them

What is Analytic Phonics?

• Children start out by recognising whole words.

• The sounds for the letters of the alphabet are taught in the context of alliterative words, often one week for each letter, e.g. gate, green, girl, glove etc

• Letter sounds are then taught at the end of words

• When letter sounds are taught in the middle of words, CVC words are introduced

• Sounding and blending is introduced when CVC words are taught

• It gradually progresses to teaching blends and digraphs, e.g. clip, coat, fast

What are the benefits of synthetic phonics teaching? (pdf file)
Rhona Johnston and Joyce Watson
powerpoint presentation on their Clackmannanshire study:
A seven year study of the effects of synthetic phonics teaching on reading and spelling attainment
and see: the Jim Rose report (UK)

Q&A: synthetic phonics

Skills taught in isolation: a good thing.

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