kitchen table math, the sequel: parents ageing out

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

parents ageing out

palisadesk is on a roll:
As for parents changing the system -- good luck with that. Bureaucracies, especially large and monopolistic ones, are notoriously impervious to customer complaints. Those in charge know that even the most militant parent will "age out" of the battle in a decade or less, and a new crop of starry-eyed, or simply naive, customers will present themselves.


Catherine Johnson said...

Do we know how previous generations of older voters have voted when it comes to school funding?

Public confidence in public schools has declined substantially over the past couple of decades, which I assume will translate into the new generation of aged-out parents being less likely to support school spending.

But I don't know how strongly previous generations supported school spending after their children grew up.

On a related note, Eduwonk has been warning about a coming conflict between school spending and social security/Medicare spending when the baby boom generation passes age 65.

Catherine Johnson said...

In any case, it's extremely shortsighted of public school administrators to assume they can make enemies with abandon because their enemies will age out.

All institutions need legitimacy. Public schools have gone quite a way towards losing theirs.

RMD said...

one real issue is that parents just don't know any better . . .

when a school official says your child is "learning disabled" (or whatever label they place on the child), most parents have no idea that it could be caused by poor instructional practices. and even if you told them, they wouldn't believe it (I just don't tell them anymore).