kitchen table math, the sequel: per pupil spending in private schools

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

per pupil spending in private schools

I'd been meaning to get this posted for a while now:
The report finds that, on average, independent private schools spend $15,000 per pupil, Hebrew schools more than $12,000, and Roman Catholic schools $7,743, based on data from the 2006-07 academic year. U.S. Christian schools identified with one of two major associations, the Association of Christian Schools International and the American Association of Christian Schools, spend $5,727 on average.

Private Schools
Education Week | August 25, 2009

Full report here.

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mnm said...

An interesting spin from a private Christian school in AZ:

Catherine Johnson said...


will look ---

Catherine Johnson said...

btw, the NAEP report apparently shows that Catholic schools had a rise in math scores --- (at Room for Debate)