kitchen table math, the sequel: speaking of newbies

Saturday, October 17, 2009

speaking of newbies

Here is a Wall Street Journal blogger, new to the public schools, taking parents to task for overinvolvement in their kids homework:
With even young children socked with an hour or so of nightly homework and older children facing much more, some parents give into the temptation to cut corners. They buy textbooks and even take courses themselves so they can pitch in,....
Parents taking courses themselves so they can pitch in is me working my way through Saxon Math so I can teach my kid fractions, algebra, & beginning geometry.

Elementary schools offering 'math workshops' is marketing to parents.

Two different things.


Crimson Wife said...

There's a distinction between "afterschooling" a child and completing the child's assignments for him/her. The author of the WSJ piece lumped both in for criticism when really it's only the latter that's problematic.

SteveH said...

You have to help, but not look like you're helping. I remember seeing an ad once for a hair salon that said something like: ...when you want your hair to say "whatever".