kitchen table math, the sequel: nice work if you can get it

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

nice work if you can get it

get out the calculator


Anonymous said...

My little calculator makes this out to be something like $145 per hour (for hours worked)

What does this guy actually do? The Assistant Super of Business Affairs is a pretty strange title for an organization that's not a business.

Who knew that people making this kind of money needed a union to represent their interest? I know I was shocked the first time I learned that my administration had a union of its own. I thought this ended at the building level and had no idea that it extends into the school district hierarchy as well.

Only in a psychedelic dream from the 60s could you make this stuff up. Imagine! You have a teacher's union negotiating with a building administrator's union who negotiates with the district administration union. The next step on this mouse wheel is the administrator's negotiating with the city council union which gets approvals from the state DOE administrator union when they finish negotiating with the governor's union when he gets back from meeting with the federal politician's union.

I really believe we have allowed ourselves to become ruled by a criminal class of politicians who have amassed power and influence well beyond their worth.

SteveH said...

OPM. What's in it for the other board members, or do they just not care? Is the position that important, or is this just the modern ethic that if you play the managerial game well, you deserve a big payoff someday. The payoff is not for doing a good job, but just for making it to that position in the first place.

Please let us know what the fallout (if any) is from all of this.