kitchen table math, the sequel: save the whales

Saturday, November 14, 2009

save the whales

Susan S sends this link to The Onion


Anonymous said...

Good laughs.

Here's a whale story from school...

Last year I had a girl who (I thought) was addicted to lip gloss. She would get out the gloss, smear it all over her lips, put it back in her jeans, and then (I'm not kidding here) reach in, pull it out and do it all over again. I'm talking about no more than 15 seconds between applications. This went on for the entire class.

It became a running gag to the point where I made up math problems using the costs of her lip gloss. We worked on lip gloss savings accounts, application rates, graphs of gloss use over time, etc.

One day I asked her what the big fascination was. She told me she liked the taste and asked, "Did you know it's made from whale sperm?" I said no I didn't (who knew). That evening I launched a bit of research on lip gloss.

It turns out there are people who get addicted to it. No doubt this is due to adolescent curiosity of all things sperm related.

Oh yeah! Almost forgot. I also learned that many of the more popular brands have, as a major component, the oil of sperm whales.

We live in interesting times, no?

Anonymous said...

Joanne Jacobs had just posted that. I think I've seen it before.

My favorite is, "We need a whale for every classroom!"


Doug Sundseth said...

Well, I haven't seen the video (if there were a transcript... 8-) ) but the old joke is, "Save the Whales, collect the whole set."

Not to be confused with, "Nuke a Gay Baby Whale for Jesus", which is related, but different.

Catherine Johnson said...

The Onion folks appear to be geniuses.

Catherine Johnson said...

The Onion folks appear to be geniuses.

Catherine Johnson said...

pitch perfect

Catherine Johnson said...

Save the Whales, collect the whole set.

I'd never heard that!