kitchen table math, the sequel: onward & upward

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

onward & upward

$28,354 per pupil

I learned how to figure percent increase from Saxon Math.

In case you were wondering.


Anonymous said...


Every two students could have a personal tutor for that kind of moola. You could put three kids together, hire a full time tutor and full time nanny to make lunch and clean.

You could pool 7 kids and get the tutor and maid plus a handyman and enough money to pay the mortgage on your little 7 kid school.

Bet you don't have a 7:1 student:teacher ratio now.

SteveH said...

Most of the increase is due to dropping enrollment, but the absolute value is stunning.
Even some of the best private schools don't cost this much. In fact, the lower grades typically cost much less. Why does it cost over a quarter of a million dollars to educate(?) 10 kids in third grade? There is economy in numbers, but you're well above the low end.

There is a loss of reality here.

What is the cost of Class A office rental space; $25/sq. ft? Some places include an exercise facility. Some office space in our area is right next to the YMCA. I've had these same thoughts about spiraling college costs. Not all departments require expensive facilities or equipment. Pay the money for the best teachers and the best curricula.

Anonymous said...

Where I live, the schools get around $6,000 per student.