kitchen table math, the sequel: advertisements for myself

Friday, April 23, 2010

advertisements for myself

A couple of days ago I caught sight of Ed's copy of The New York Review of Books lying on the kitchen table. (Where else?)

I looked at the cover, didn't see anything that caught my interest. Normally that's the end of it. I never look at the table of contents.

For some reason, though, this time I did. I opened the paper, turned to the contents, and was skimming down the list, asking myself why I was doing this since I wasn't feeling any more interested on this second pass, when suddenly I realized I was reading familiar words: Animals Make Us Human: Creating the Best Life for Animals by Temple Grandin and Catherine Johnson. Which hadn't been mentioned on the cover.

I had no idea!

After I stumbled across the review I called Ed to alert him, then left the house without reading more than a few paragraphs. I hate reading reviews. Ed called later to say that it was a "rave," and I still have not read the thing in its entirety.

But I'm glad it's there.


Crimson Wife said...

An "amazing tour de force" is quite the compliment. Congrats to you and Ms. Grandin!

Catherine Johnson said...

Thank you!

I told my agent: I'm going to tattoo that comment to my forehead.

That is **the** best thing anyone has ever said to me about my work.

Katharine Beals said...

Big congrats! I *still* need to read your book!

Glen said...

Catherine, I've been reading your blog for many months but have resisted the temptation to post until now. I can't resist any longer.

Congratulations to you on this wonderful accomplishment. I'll bet I'm speaking for a lot of flies on the wall when I say that I appreciate what you do in this blog, so I'm delighted to see something this good happen to you.

And may I suggest that instead of the tattoo you consider a custom sweatshirt with a blurb from the review printed on the front. When you sit down (or stand up) to write, put on the sweatshirt to get into the right mood.


K9Sasha said...

That's awesome news!

I like Glen's idea. You can get a custom sweatshirt made, and a custom shirt for summer. They can be your good luck/inspiration shirts.

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